Quest Board

This Quest Board is a interi art project. You are invited to vote for interesting quests, which will then be used as a signal on which quests should be taken.


Knowledge shared from interi, for commenting and tracking.


Gaming! Video, text, role-play, tabletop, and all the others!

Digital Safety

Digital Safety covers security, privacy and safety as it applies to our modern world and technology. We believe it is every person's right to be safe. Together we will navigate the threats that governments, corporations and individuals pose to our well being.

mage party

mages throw the best parties, because they are paracosmic!

The Linkery

The Linkery is a link sharing forum. Use it to share, bookmark, reference, whatevs.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Parenting! A place to ask for advice or share resources.


Webcraft is the art and science of making the web, our collective open publishing platform.


To stay informed and collaborate with our fellow citizens, we have this space to gather knowledge and discussion relating to politics. Link sharing is encouraged.

The Life Raft

The Life Raft is a place to share resources and plans for those seeking to survive, reform, and/or escape capitalism.


Things change all the time. This is where we talk about those things.


Brainstorm and workshop your neat ideas here! Create new patterns, and get feedback from strangers on the internet! It is like taking a walk with you friends, and telling them just how great the future will be, but through a web-based megaphone. Nice!

Troll Bridge

The Troll Bridge is where we dump records of the sleazy fuckery of harmful people harassing others. It is a way to track what is happening, but contained so we can avoid triggers and take care of ourselves.


Thoughts about feelings, feelings about thoughts. Why do we feel and what we do with out thoughts and feelings. Stuff having to do with our brain.


Critiques, discussion, ideas - what's good about it, what's wrong with it, and what's scary, maybe?