Quest Board This <strong>Quest Board</strong> is a <a href="">interi</a> art project. You are invited to vote for interesting quests, which will then be used as a signal on which quests should be taken.
What happens after [interi] (7)
The curious ecosystem of interi publishing [interi] (4)
Learning Taskwarrior, one dream at a time [interi] (11)
Making a website: what is even the point? [interi] (5)
Making a website: let's get meta a sec [interi] (1)
Migrating from Ubuntu 16.04 to Fedora 28 [interi] (14)
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Thoughts on carrying files around... [interi] (1)
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I, witness: the Crocodile [interi] (12)
Discover Jack Herer [Quest Board] (1)
Discover Margaret Mead [Quest Board] (1)
Make warez directory [Quest Board] (7)
Discover `history` [Quest Board] (2)
Discover Kubernetes [Quest Board] (1)
Explore web performance [Quest Board] (2)
Discover... Atlas Shrugged [Quest Board] (1)
Explore GNOME Tweak Tool [Quest Board] (1)
Make notebook contact "plates" [Quest Board] (11)
Zone-out music for maiki [interi] (7)
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Explore Tim's Bandcamp collection [Quest Board] (2)
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