A 80's Apple II BBS

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Hi all, here’s my first entry on the BBSes I have explored. I may expand/edit this entry as I learn more about the BBS itself.

Name of BBS: 80’s Apple 2 BBS
Connection types: Telnet
Software Type:
Hardware Type: Apple II
Hostname: telnet://a80sappleiibbs.ddns.net:6502

Email owner? Y
Real time chat? Y

Defunct? N

Write up on BBS:
An 80’s Apple II BBS is amazing. The fact that it runs on an actual Apple II is astounding in this day and age. First things first though; it’s easy to create a user account and password. The bulletin board itself is easy to use, and I will definitely keep up to date with the the going-ons of the place!

Now as far as software goes, it doesn’t really have anything to download, but it does have ASCII art and recipes. I checked the ASCII art, but I haven’t checked the recipes yet.

You can also see the all the users who have been on the site, and man, it’s a huge list.

As far as getting in touch with the SysOp, I plan to do that. Right now though I just want to leave an email for them.

Overall I’d say that it’s a nice BBS that everyone should visit at least once, if only for the sheer novelty of it.


What is the telnet and phone address?


@fuuko, join us at xmpp:textmode@chat.mage.party, we have some quick questions for ya!


Heyo, apparently there is no phone address. I thought there was one at first, but… my bad!