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Continuing the discussion from i will make you a little notebook:

@judytuna, I’ve put into place the thing I want to build, so now I need specs. What are the things you ask, and what are their options, to request a notebook?

I’m gonna build a form that adjusts the output based on choices made, including dealing with conditional changes when choices don’t make sense (a particular binding with a specific page number, for instance).

Okay, what are things folks need to tell you to get a notebook made? :slight_smile:

  1. are you okay with it maybe taking 2 or 3 years and also maybe not exactly to spec? ha … haha … ha

  2. how big? generally. like, A) extremely tiny, B) palm sized kinda like the single notebook Bespoek Charm has ever manufactured, for one Susan, lol, or C) like an 8.5x11 sheet folded in half
    -actually maybe it’s just easier if i make the options based on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. this makes C one halfway fold, B two halfway folds, and A three folds in

  3. lines, dots, or blank? although i have only made one and it was blank so feasibility of pages with markings remains to be seen rofl

  4. pages numbered? also remains to be seen


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I have this cool idea: a grimoire creator!

You choose all the options for it, including “theme”, one of which is “Realistic”. The form does two things on submitting:

  1. It creates a grimoire object for some reason.
  2. It generates an appropriate output for the user, based on their choices. It could include a markdown-text block to copy and paste if one were requesting a notebook!

So then rather than having a form to make Judy feel unproductive, we have directions in #tuna to go use the form, output the “order”, and then come back here and post it to make Judy feel unproductive. :crazy_face:

Yes. You know just what I need. To feel unproductive! lol

I do love the idea of being a cog in a machine that is a grimoire creator. Like, I just obey the orders that come down from #tuna. Also grimoire creator sounds really cool.

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