A post I wrote about Laradock + multiple projects

I’m mostly just sharing this because it got me out of my 7 month blogpost dry spell.

This kept tripping me up, so I wrote a post to my future self about how to handle it. :slight_smile:

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Hey, that sounds cool! I was looking at something called ddev, but laradock sounds better because someone I know uses it!

I’m spoiled on WordPress, which will install on a toaster and laughs in the face or dependency management. I’ve been hitting a wall, because I don’t know what folks use for local dev.

I’ve been trying to clear storage so I can run distinct VM, but maybe docker local is the way to go…

Dude I will totally be your support on this. I like Laradock. Just a ton of premade docker container configs. I know how to do all the tiny tweaks now to make it work great for local dev for multiple sites, databases, etc. On osx and Ubuntu-ish distros.

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