A scifi odyssey on a football site

i’m not sure how else to explain this. you have to experience it for yourself. it’s longer and way better than you could ever imagine. @sudocurse and i just read and watched through the whole thing.

this is the link to follow, and yes, it might look innocuous, but just keep scrolling… What football will look like in the future

if you want to read what a different journalist wrote about it, because meta, here: Sports Site Dives Into Scifi with Series About the Future of Football

am i surprised to see a critique of capitalism? where is this going? my critique of the “scarcity drives everything” argument is… that it doesn’t. haha.

anyway the whole thing is amazing and hilarious and worth it.


This has ruined my whole day and continues to. When does it end? Will it ever end? These feelings are part of the point, aren’t they? HELP


I love 17776 Football. The one game where they end up forever trapped at the bottom of a ravine because to continue they’d have to make a forward play up the ravine where the opposing team has been camped was one of my favorites.

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Finally done!! What a trip. I think my favorite part was the same @draloff

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i feel like a lot of sentiment around this comes from this being reminiscent to other web fiction… but none immediately springs to mind apart from args with fun web tricks to make glitched out websites