A texting category?

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Continuing the discussion from BBSes - the "web" before the web!:

Bunches of us have overlapping interesting in text-based things, like BBS, MU*, ASCII art, shell communities, all that jazz. I don’t think of it as “retro” tech, because we still use it today, and it is remains useful. I thought it would be funny to just call it texting. Re-appropriate the term!

Do you see any themes or obvious names for such a category? It will be very BBS and MUD heavy, for sure. Probably tilde stuff, too. textnet? Hmmm.


I mean for technical discussion. Player discussion can go in #gaming.


That sounds good. I think re-appropriating the term could be useful. Once you have it setup, I’ll start my posting of BBSes in it to start out with. How does that sound?


I recommend calling this Text Mode


Thanks! That is a great term for it. :slight_smile:

I’m starting to develop those category about topics into mini guides, linking to other categories that are related. I’ll also add other resources as they appear (like a text mode jabber room!). :sunglasses:


Heyo maiki, I can’t seem to access the text mode category. Are you still preparing it or something? Just wondering…


I’m accessing it fine, but I’ve noticed we run into caching issues sometime.

Try hard refreshing, and I’ll also restart the server tonight. :slight_smile: