About the text mode category


text mode is both a communication technology and aesthetic. Here we explore, coordinate, and build text.

Here be geeks belong to the Houses of BBS, MU*, tilde and pubnix communities, text based computer mediated communications, gopher, and artistic efforts in these spaces. But don’t let some human list restrain your imagination! We just like text a lot. :slight_smile:

Of interest:

  • #gaming - for player centric discussion; text mode is more for sysop type chat
  • #digital-safety - a lot of the fun textstuff is networked, and that means you are under attack!
  • #webcraft - someone might say the web is beyond text, but we like to start with it, maybe you do to
  • textmode@chat.mage.party - jabber group for real time text collaboration

A texting category?