Acid Underworld

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Name of BBS: Acid Underworld
Connection types: Telnet
Software Type: Mystic
Hardware Type:
Hostname: telnet://
Area: Hudson, FL, US

Software? Y
Msgboard? Y
Guestbook? Y
Message users directly/pager? Y
Email owner? Y

Write up on BBS:
Lots of art colors this BBS! It’s very expansive as well! Also easy to create an account. I’d say that this is one of the best BBSes I’ve seen so far, but I haven’t met the owner just yet. You have several menus to go through, and it’s easy to just get lost in this BBS, but it’s so fun to! You can even apparently tweet from it! There’s lots of other stuff to do as well, like write a one-liner on the wall. Be warned though, this BBS is for more mature audiences. Login cast coming soon!

Overall, I say give this BBS your time and money!

Interview with owner:


What does that entail, exactly? Salty language? ASCII-pr0n?


I’d say both, and also warez.




Oh fuxk off! I say that all the time! Just not to mean what it means, but rather to be cute. I am building a warez directory!


Coolio! We should come up with a NSFW taxonomy, 50 shades of not okay!

For instance, there are some subcultures I’m wary of, and would like to avoid. For now, I’d say keep it simple. Um:

  • pr0n (consenting adults)
  • w4r3z (dubious legality is fine because not our problem!)
  • haters (for folks to avoid)
  • salty language (for sailors and linguists)
  • scammy (in case there is legit concern for #digital-safety)

Are there other obvious high level red flags to look for? I’d say something like “sexy” for erotica, but I don’t know, all the folks I know that read erotica on BBS know what they are doing, and have been doing so for three decades, so…

Thoughts? :slight_smile:


Just to be clear, when I think warez, I think:

  • obscenely ad and virus-ridden site
  • a list of 68 rar files you have to download, each 1.44MB in size
  • spend most of a couple days getting them, because it’s 1999 internet.
  • unrar it all, and it’s either a virus-filled version of thing, or something totally unrelated to what you thought it was.