Air-filter for magnolia-interi

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Continuing the discussion from Air filters:

@maiki, @susan and Clover need an air-filter, as well as a new fan!

It is getting hot, and we stay in two rooms now, so we need an extra fan. So, if we wanted a fan to cool us off, and an air filter, how should we proceed? Is there an obvious combo?

We currently have a Dyson air-pusher, just the long black air cooler thing. There are Dyson devices that have filters, but I’d rather hack my own and know I can make it work, than rely on a company to make a particular widget.

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how are yall on fan noise? does it bother you?

my 20" box fan with a filter has three settings and can be heard in the next room even on lowest. however i kind of like the white noise.

I’ll have to spend time next to it to see. :slight_smile:

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how can we move on this?

@maiki sits for a while by @judytuna’s box fan


Its difficult because the weather keeps changing and we haven’t figured out the layouts for the rooms yet, so there are all these external factors we’re weighing, aside from filtering.

I also realized I might not want a fan with blades. We don’t have spinning blades, one feature I really enjoy of the Dyson air pusher…

So we’re considering. Actively. :slight_smile:

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good point about blades. what if it was enclosed in a bigger appliance-looking unit?

We are making do with what we have, cooling wise. For a filter, we’ll do the same thing as you did, Judy. However… I’m gonna risk not having it on hand until we need it. We don’t have the storage space. I don’t have anywhere to put it when not in use.

We were at the Emeryville Target today, which is undergoing major reorganization. Anyhow, the fans and filters are in the same aisle, across from each other. :slight_smile:

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