Alien Boyfriend by Gregory Dillon

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Alien Boyfriend is the synth pop equivalent of the movie Contact, revamped into my boyhood coming-out fantasy.

Who needs Tinder when you have a radio transmitter.


Loved it!

Received vibes:
Top Gun nostalgia
Light’s Out - Rick Astley
Sun Soaked 80’s motorcycle montage

Loved some of the lyrical imagery in there, the parts about “worn out duffel, packing light”, “Can’t get enough of your Morse Code outline”, “Send me constellations”, it’s a funny premise objectively and the music video definitely has fun, but he manages to play it completely straight and heart-warmingly earnest at the same time.

I’ll be looking into him on Spotify for sure!

Their is something definitely delightful and infectious about the synth pop the earnestness and the sheer amount of fun their having.

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