All in One SEO Pack is really annoying

Sometimes I just need a quick way to edit some meta fields on a page, and All in One SEO Pack is a kinda decent way to do that. I’m sure it has merits for folks that know what SEO is.

Anyhow, it has this annoying issue with a feedback message:

I don’t intend to answer that question, but if I press the dismiss button in the corner it shows up on the next page load.

It would be great if that were merely an error, but you can’t trust SEO people, these plugins are made by folks that know how to gamify attention… no.

Apparently it was reported and will be fixed. We’ll see.

An update came out, I was eager to read if this had been changed:

The SEO plugin requires you to click through to their site to read the changelog.

Why did they waste that space which could make my life easier, and make me click to a third-party website for the changelog?

To sell me shit.

This plugin has taken time away from me. The thing plugins are not supposed to do.

3.4.3 – Released on April 21, 2020

  • Fix for non-dismissible notices
  • Fix for XML Sitemap rewrite rules interfering with alternative sitemap solutions
  • Fix for conflict with Make theme & conflict with Toolset Types plugin
  • Fix for i18n issue with qTrans
  • Fix for quickedit column cells no longer having max. height
  • Fix for multiple PHP notices
  • Fix for missing closing bracket in CSS file
  • Fix for mistranslated string in Turkish translation
  • Improvement to toolbar menu stylesheet. We now only load it for users that are logged in.