All the files!

I finally got an ownCloud instance in a state that I like, with an easy(ish) way to increase storage if I need. ownCloud has a few ways to get it installed, and all of them are relatively straightforward. However, provisioning one’s own server is still kind of a pain, so I am opening up my instance to folks that are interested. Oh, and it lives at! :slight_smile:

There is an FAQ as well.

Quick breakdown on how it is setup, peeps can have 1GB storage. If you want more than that you can pay me, but I am not ready to do that at this time. It will cost something like 30 cents per gig per month, a year in advance, because that covers storage and bandwidth. (The more interest people had in this the less I was inclined to do this; instead you can hire me to set up your own instance.) However, I am hoping you won’t need to do that, since you can also mount your own storage (with a bunch of options, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and OpenSwift [which is what I use, Rackspace’s Cloud Files, very reliable and inexpensive!]).

Here is my terms of service for the moment: the site has no guarantee. Note that the site is relatively secure. You shouldn’t use it as a backup (but I can advise you on that if you are looking for a backup solution). I am not responsible for how you use the site, and if your usage threatens my ability to run it (such as breaking laws and inviting state-sponsored violence against me), I will politely boot you off of it. Seriously, there is an account export feature, so I will tell you to use it and then delete your account.

If these are not things you want to be at the mercy of, consider running your own instance. Or paying me to install it for you. :slight_smile:

Accounts are created manually, so use the form below to send me a message, with the username you want. I will email you yer login info. Have fun!