alternate alignments

We should make a game where the primary purpose is to gather alignments. “Oh such alignments we had, they were delicious!

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ha-ha! we’re already playing!

i saw a social media post from a friend about palladium’s detailed alignments. it was something like …

Palladium Alignments are:

GOOD ALIGNMENTS: Principled & Scrupulous


  1. Always keep word
  2. Avoids lies
  3. Never kill OR attack unarmed foe
  4. Never harm an innocent
  5. Never torture
  6. Never Kill for pleasure
  7. Always help others
  8. Works well with others
  9. Respects authority, laws, self-dicipline and honor
  10. Never betray a friend
  11. Never break the law UNLESS conditions are desperate.


  1. Keep word to any other GOOD person
  2. Lie only to people of selfish or evil alignments
  3. Never kill OR attack unarmed foe
  4. Never harm an innocent
  5. Never torture for pleasure, may use muscle to extract info. from criminals or evil people
  6. Never Kill for pleasure, will always attempt to bring villains to justice alive even if evil
  7. Always help others
  8. Attempt to work within the Law whenever possible
  9. Bends and occasionally break Laws when necessary.
  10. Distrust Authority
  11. Work with groups, but dislikes confining laws and Bureacracy (red tape)

SELFISH ALIGNMENTS: Unprincipled & Anarchist


  1. High regard for life and freedom
  2. Keep word of honor
  3. Lie & cheat if necesary (especially to Anarchists or evil persons)
  4. Will not kill an unarmed foe (but will take advantage of one)
  5. Help those in need
  6. Not use torture unless absolutely necessary
  7. Work with a group, especially if profitable
  8. Never harm an innocent
  9. Never kill for pleasure
  10. Dislikes authority
  11. Never betray a friend


  1. May keep word
  2. Lie & Cheat if he feels necessary
  3. Not likely to kill an unarmed foe, but will certainly knockout, attack, or beat up one
  4. Never kill an innocent, but may harm or kidnap
  5. Not likely to help someone without ulterior motive
  6. Seldom kill for pleasure
  7. Use torture to extract info but not likely for pleasure
  8. Doesn’t work well in groups he will do as he d**n well pleases
  9. Have little respect for self-discipline or authority
  10. May betray a friend

EVIL ALIGNMENTS: Miscreant, Aberrant & Diabolic


  1. Not necessarily keep his word to anyone
  2. Lie & Cheat anyone
  3. Most definitely attack an unarmed foe, they are the best kind
  4. Use or Harm an innocent
  5. Use torture for extracting info. and pleasure
  6. May kill for sheer pleasure
  7. Feels no compulsion to help without somekind of tangible reward
  8. Work with others if it will help him attain personal goals
  9. Kill an unarmed foe as readily as he would a potential threat or competitor
  10. Has no deference to laws or authority, but will work within them if he must
  11. Will betray a friend if it serves his needs.


  1. Always keeps his word of honor
  2. Lie & cheat those not worthy of his respect
  3. May or may not kill an unarmed foe
  4. Not kill an innocent particularly a child but will harm or kidnap
  5. Never kill for pleasure
  6. Not resort to inhumane treatment of prisoners, nut torture, although distasteful, is necessary means of extracting info.
  7. Never torture for pleasure
  8. May or may not help someone in need
  9. work with others to attain his goals
  10. Respect honor and self-discipline
  11. Never betray a friend


  1. Rarely keeps word
  2. Lie and cheat anyone
  3. Most certainly attack or kill an unarmed foe
  4. Use, harm and kill an innocent without a second thought for any reason
  5. Use torture for pleasure and info.
  6. Kill for pleasure
  7. Likely to help someone only to kill or rob them
  8. Not work well with groups. Consistently disregards orders to do as he pleases
  9. Despise honor, authority, and self-discipline
  10. Associate mostly with other evil alignments
  11. Betray friends at anytime.

so that’s how i learned abput palladiym alignments!

i was looking for the source of the text they copied and haven’t found it exactly (maybe from a book they have physically) but found that article which made me laugh.

also i recognize the below list from the addon Total RP 3 that i use in world of warcraft classic. so i’m gathering that trp3 is influenced by palladium?

Another alignment system that we all decided we’d like to work into our own is the one from Pendragon. This uses multiple morality indexes with two extremes, and you plot where your character’s passions lie on each of these 13 axes.

  • Chaste / Lustful
  • Energetic / Lazy
  • Forgiving /Vengeful
  • Generous / Selfish
  • Honest / Deceitful
  • Just / Arbitrary
  • Merciful / Cruel
  • Modest / Proud
  • Pious / Worldly
  • Prudent / Reckless
  • Temperate / Indulgent
  • Trusting / Suspicious
  • Valorous / Cowardly

in the trp3 addon for wow classic, you have the option of indicating where your character is on most of those axes using a slider. you can also make up as many custom axes as you want. i’ll get a screenshot later.

re that blogger’s bespoke alignment for their game…

So here’s where we settled for our own alignments – each character gets to pick two axes for their alignment, and basically ignores the rest:

  • Spicy / Wallflower
  • Luddite / Technophile
  • Greedy / Communist
  • Murderous / Reasonable
  • Lawful / Chaotic
  • Affectionate / Antisocial (Emo)
  • Good / Evil
  • Stinky / Neat-Freak
  • Cool / Stressed
  • Naive / Blaze

And if you can’t decide on a second alignment, you just add Fashionably or Unfashionably to your only choice.

i want to be an affectionate communist, but i think i’m actually just a stinky technophile. or maybe unfashionably chaotic!

did you watch westworld? people i knew hosted westworld watching parties and then used a fanmade open source web based graphical system to plot each other on a multi-axis web lol

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