April 10th, 2021 for fuuko and friends!

So yeah, I’ve been doing stuff. Going back to school for technical writing. Probably getting a Meerkat from System76. Running a gemini site on lol. Just a whole lot to do! But I feel like I’m gonna encounter problems when I get to math in my school, cuz math was never my strong suite… anyone have any tips or books that would help someone who’s been out of touch with math for a long while to relearn it?

Also, I think that I am pretty much going to abandon LBRY/Odysee because the content on there… not the best. I don’t want to be associated with that, so I might instead join a PeerTube instance… anyone know of any invite-only PeerTube instances that have non-mean content? Just… anything that’s not like the front page of LBRY, lol.

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Coolio, we love technical writing around here! :slight_smile:

I’m awaiting a Librem 14 from Purism. I ordered it in November, so I’ll likely get it by May.

I wish I were joking.


Ouch, sounds bad!