April 13, 2021

Continuing the discussion from Is that how referrals work?:

I received a letter stating I would be contacted concerning the resolution of this grievance within 30 days, and that was signed March 12.

Today I received a letter in the mail, addressed to me, but with the information for a patient who receives medication from the Livermore Safeway Pharmacy. I know, because it explains it all in the letter.

I wonder if they have my letter… I wonder which would be faster to contact, to find out what it says…

Anyhow, as I said…


Okay, called grievance dept. directly and unfortunately they are unable to tell me what my letter said, but it was a mis-copy into the database, and now I have a grievance for my grievance, which their manager will be, um, managing. And I have the new case number.

Let’s see what happens next?! I’d like to know how they intend to contact the patient whose data they leaked.