April 15, 2019

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Fiance’s work has been kinda toxic for a while. He had some stuff at work slappen him pretty hard emotionally on Friday. We’ve been redoubling our efforts to find him employment elsewhere. Helping him with his anxiety and depression though all of this has been occupying a lot of my mental bandwidth these past few days. Trying to double down and focus today. Not really succeeding.



It rained today, but only a little. I began breaking a circle of sin. And took some photos!

There is a story there, surely.

And then Clover tried to get past me without being captured by the camera, let’s see how well e did!

Oh! Better luck next time!

Colors are blooming, spreading.

Barefoot, baking bread with babby. ((I think @susan wants me to shave…))



Oh my gosh I love that piece.



The print is from an old magazine (Taproot) and the artist is Phoebe Wahl. You should look her up!

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I thought you made it!! :slight_smile: it looks like maiki and C looking at you and smiling.

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First log:
Obsessing over Liberty of London floral surface designs, recipes by Anna Jones and falling in love with art of Phoebe Wahl all over again.

Feeling an urge to nest and I am a little worn out from all of the busyness of the last several days. As an introvert I need to regroup after being (very) social (for me).

I have two books on my Kindle that I want to read.



yay!! welcome to large pieces of wood, @susan !

i love clover’s giggle ^^

i have been very, very quiet and tired today. i’ve slept a lot and watched a lot of videos of robert irwin on jimmy fallon’s talk show. i’m also watching faux calligraphy tips.

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