April 22, 2021

Continuing the discussion from April 20, 2021:

Hmmm. Where to begin.

I think the antibiotics are working. I’ve taken them three times, and I feel a lot better. Still sore, but it feels like the infection is receding. I’ve set an alarm at 10AM and 10PM to take my pills, 2 each time.

Unfortunately for me, I woke this morning with a really awful toothache, and I’m going to need to see a dentist very soon. However, beginning my search I’m getting voicemails and overburdened phone lines…

I’m kinda scared, as well, because I’m not vaccinated and I didn’t want to go any like a dentist before that happened.

Today Clover took the last day of testing for the school year, so tomorrow I’m sleeping in. :grimacing:

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