April 29, 2020

Today I started a new process: posting photos online.

@susan doesn’t get to see my photos. It’s a problem. So I’m gonna spend a little of each day processing a day or two of photos.

In Shotwell they call each day an “event” by default, with the ability to collect photos into events that don’t match that idea. So I go in, share the photos that are okay in #logs, and the move them off my computer onto a shared drive Susan has access to.

For my part:

  • I will have shared the ones I wanted
  • I won’t carry it on my laptop
  • I won’t have to look at my massive photo collection again

Win, win… and win! :slight_smile:

Also, today I’m incrementing progress on a project that will allow one million people to give feedback to their city government. :sunglasses:


Also, went shopping. Sharing, so we remember:

Also also, and I can’t believe I forgot to mention, using a blue sheet and a deck of Set, I summoned a Ringu demon to finish off snacks I had lying around. It was wearing my beanie: