April 4, 2019 - Thursday

i still have a sore throat! i’m supposed to see a podiatrist today about why my foot swelled up a few weeks ago.

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Sickness day 3 over here. Mostly it’s just mondo congestion now.

In other news I am playing Morrowind via OpenMW. I’ve the furthest I’ve ever gotten in the game. What sold me is finding a secret entrance to ancient dunmer building, and it’s just SO dark. Even torches don’t do much.

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is it dark-scary? dark-adventure? dark-curious-making?

hey everybody i made myself a cup of coffee earlier and then i looked up directions to the podiatrist i’m seeing today because i thought it was in orinda because the first infectious diseases specialist appointment i scheduled was with one in orinda but actually since they only had appointments in may my doctor referred me to a different one and i remembered totally wrong and actually this podiatrist is not an infectious diseases specialist (and i saw the different inf.dis. dr last week) and also not in orinda but in oakland so i started leaving the house when i would have if it was in orinda and instead it’s walking distance so i’m here really early and doing paperwork

i haven’t been this early to a dr appointment in maybe ever

also i am sorry for everything

Did you get that giveaway from the other week to work?

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April 4 I visited and installed a PC onsite. The monitors attach to a single bar to create one wide screen, but that bar hasn’t been sent out, so we’ll need to do a follow-up.

Also made some progress on a mapping project. :slight_smile:

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