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@trashHeap you run a static HTML site. You have images and videos you want to share. So do bunch of ya’ll! So how are we gonna keep up over time? The bulk of my file storage is taken up by images and videos that I didn’t know I’d be keeping 10 years ago.

I keep thinking I’d make a Hugo-based media library for myself. Maybe try out GitLFS? And then just make a super simple interface for it, and make it easy to shortcode link to assets.

The reason for that is because I personally don’t have a lot of success carrying over databases next to media. I am going to sort my images by date and tag them anyways, might as well use an archiving interface that exposes my data back at me.

But maybe things are changing. I used MediaGoblin for a while, loved it, but it is too complex for what I need, which is not federation. Or even comments. Nothing really, just an easy way to drop it and post it.

Video files get kinda weird, too, but I think maybe there is different process to sharing those. First of all, it is more data to share with the world, so while you have a single frame to spot check for problems, a video can expose all kinds of issues: background information, in the form of sound and visual information. Also, it’s just a ton of storage over time. Normal folks shouldn’t have to worry about that level of access.

Lot’s to think about video…

What’s the plan, folks? :slight_smile:


I thought about something similar, for a bit with video; but really didn’t feel like doing all the heavy lifting myself or dealing with repos that large. Honestly serving a video file for the first time yesterday with dokuwiki and I expect my next few will be be that way. Which is kinda the opposite of what doku wiki is supposed to be for; but I think it will fit my workflow nicely for now. I don’t expect to generate a lot of video though.

Images, I think ill manage with Friendica for now. Its got all the social photo gallery functionality I think im likely to need.


I have been clamoring for this.

my use case: I have my own hosting. I just want a desktop app that lets me drag and drop (or choose) a file to upload. It does it, then gives me back a url on my hosting, for that item. And i can set expiration of content.

But also a backbone for images, video and music… media. Seems really important.

I also agree, no comments. Just ability to bundle elements together, sharing ability of bundles and individual things.

  • REST API (desktop app)
  • self-hosted
  • URL shortener
  • Expire content

I’ve built each of those things with WordPress, and considering it can be hosted with SQLite, that is one option… is Laravel like, an abscract level higher than WordPress? I feel like WordPress has this core engine of functions and a cool plugin ecosystem, bundled with whatever trend Automattic is chasing, and it phones home, so a much simpler script could be put in place.

For you Dokuwiki fans, check out Grav ( If DW and WP had a baby. :slight_smile:


A couple. Though honestly, even that would be overkill for this backend. A couple of packagist packages and we’d be mostly there. We could use SQLite still, to reduce barriers. We’d also want support for files to be in CDN as opposed to volume storage.

I mean… I think I could write this in maybe 20 hours. I’ve already done a lot of it via my content engine, which supports file uploads.

(20 hour pure dev time. So… ~1.5ish months for my current free time). I am seriously happy with making this my next small personal project, if people are interested!


tim have you looked at Jirafeau OR woof ? Neither are exactly this but both kinda get close in their own ways.

Jirafeau is close enough to you want it’s tempting to wonder if someone couldn’t hack together a desktop app for you with a bit of code and curl.


@trashHeap , this is great. I hadn’t seen either of these projects. Definitely Jirafeau is very close to what I want, although it doesn’t serve up the file, it just gives you a link to download it. I wonder if I can change that in the config…

Like, I want to give you and you click that, and go to a page that shows you the image, or txt file, or whatever.


Why an extra page?


I just mean, see the actual file, not a download link. With Jirafeau, after I upload an image, i get some links. Here is what you see when you go to one:

Which is cool, but I’d like ability to have the link go right to the file. Does that make sense?

Also, here is the demo link for that upload: Jirafeau, your web file repository


Ah yeah, I get ya. It should return a regular URL, like

I mean, I get that with Hugo, so I’m all good! :sunglasses:


You can do direct links to files too with Jirafeau though in my experience its still not exactly what your after. Something about the way it presents the file to the browser usually causes it to prompt for a download instead of rendering it in place; (which is what your after I think.)