Are there rechargable AAA batteries?

I know there technically are, but my issue is that I’ve never gotten a rechargable battery set that worked. The batteries and/or charger just don’t work very well. And I end up using more resources per battery than if I had just bought a pack (so much packaging, hardly any more longevity).

I’m staring at this pile of broken chargers and dead chargable batteries and am wondering if I ought to let this go and just buy AAA batteries and recycle them.

Putting this here to discuss, and also to put this off. It’s just not activating me to figure this out at the moment.


I have a bunch of (unfortunately) Amazon Anker brand AAA and AA rechargeable batteries. I don’t own a charger because I’ve always just used my roommates’ chargers. My current roommate has a charger that works, because she plays instruments and needs it for things like portable amps I think? I will ask her what brand her charger is.

I even got C and D adapters that you stick an AA rechargeable battery into and it functions just like a C or D battery.

I have been looking for them for about a month. I’ve been finding my other (non-rechargeable) batteries everywhere, in boxes of burning man shit, in boxes for my raspberry pis, in electronics bins. I finally found the the large stash of rechargeables in my hall closet, where I haven’t looked since shoving a bunch of things in there in January.

I just took a picture and discovered they’re not Amazon brand, actually. Now I’m sorta remembering that I considered buying the Amazon brand for a long time when I got this whole set like 2 years ago but I decided to spring for Anker ones because I have Anker brand loyalty. I have a bunch of Anker USB chargers that I love. I even got a small contingent of Enerloop Pro brand “special” AA rechargeables for high-draw items like musical equipment. I had specific needs for the special AA ones and now I don’t remember what they were, but I’m sure I had them. lol.

Also pictured in this drawer is a pack of 20 AAA batteries (with only like 2 used), and a pack of like 40 AA batteries.

What I’m trying to say is please never buy AA or AAA batteries again. Just use mine instead. I have amassed MANY BATTERIES over the years and burns lol. As I’ve been unpacking this month, I’m finally finding them in all my different boxes and putting them into one drawer, and that’s really shown me just how egregiously many batteries (both non-rechargeable and rechargeable) I have.

Well, that is certainly the solve for my particular case. :slight_smile:

@judytuna, please ask about the charger, I’d love to identify a charger/battery combo that works; from my research in the past I recall some brands don’t work together.

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It’s “whatever was cheapest on Amazon a few years ago,” and we can’t find the charger. haha.

We have never had problems using Anker, Amazon Basics, and enerloop brand batteries with the old charger (when it was in our old house). Sucks that different combos didn’t work for you =\

Ya know, these things are hard to troubleshoot because I’ve owned like 3 separate chargers… over 15 years? So between chargers battery tech changes!

I’ll happy to take batteries off ya and testing TNG chargers! :slight_smile:

What does TNG stand for besides “the next generation” ? Or is that what you mean haha because it’s been another 5 years?

wow here is a solar recharger hahahahahaha Universal Solar Powered Battery Charger | eBay

from 10 Best Aa Aaa Battery Chargers of 2020 | MSN Guide: Top Brands, Reviews & Prices

and of course there is always the wirecutter, ah, my beloved wirecutter: Best Rechargeable Battery Charger 2020 | Reviews by Wirecutter

  • Panasonic BQ-CC55 four batteries, can do 1 at a time, plug into wall
  • EBL 6201 four batteries, can do 1 at a time, use a USB wall charger with a USB-C OR micro USB cable, which is really interesting actually