Aug 9 2019 - Fri

Today, we got the news that Samantha has pre-eclampsia. The good news is that Ira will be coming early, as early as Aug 19th! Sad news is that we’re sort of on yellow alert until then for emergencies.

Also, a commemorative engraved stone I ordered for my co-workers to honor the solution to a months long unreproducible bug came today!


ahhhhh = !!! ALWAYS!

best of luck to you and your family! that can be scary news. take it easy! hope all are resting up! exciting times ahead!

my daily update: landed!


I like to joke, especially in a very near inappropriate manner, about really serious things. I feel we don’t joke enough, in general, and I often make folks laugh.

That said, the stuff during pregnancy was memorable to me. I look back on it with fondness, and won’t drop any spoilers right now, but it was, hmmm, interresting.

I appreciate what you are going through. I’m sure ya’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


Looks like the daily wine will need to upgrade to a daily Scotch.