August 26, 2019

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Having to leave the apartment again: construction workers are drilling, sawing, and hammering on the walls to our place, knocking stuff off shelves and being too loud to use the space. I’ve again emailed Jon M. Shahoian, CPM Lic: 00836171, at Lapham Management Company, asking why they are working, and why we haven’t been given notice of construction. Last I heard, Jon didn’t know, and today I’m probably going to need to look up next steps.

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yikes! best of luck with that.

tanc is hosting a tenants’ rights training on Wednesday, 9/18, 6-7:30pm, at Hasta Muerte Coffee, 2701 Fruitvale Ave.

Flyer: Español

Flyer: English

Interested in attending?

thanks for starting up dailies again! i’m looking forward to wow classic starting at 3pm. reunions with old friends. haaaaa. i’ve been quite tired lately so i go places and sleep when i’m there.

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Got a cold/flu thing and it sucks. Didn’t go to work today. Flying on an airplane in a couple days so I hope this passes quickly.


Work and social engagements have me a little burnt out right now. Im also kind of tapped out in terms of a lot of emotional bandwidth. A lot of people near and deer to me are having a rough go of things lately. Im still plugging through Qt tutorials most lunch breaks though. Work should start evening out here soon.

Finished a major piece of customizations on our service management system at work. And right as I was dotting the last i and crossing the last t; I daydreamed a totally better designed that would be both more elegant and more future proof. So now im redoing it again fro m scratch.

When I was in highschool, I had an old clunker of a car which had some sort of electrical problem, which would cause the alternator to short out. The alternator had a lifetime warranty and fixing the electrical problem was crazy expensive. So about once a month id just replace the alternator.

Got to wear I could replace the alternator in under 20 minutes. Feels a bit like that.

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