Auto-bumping topics

Continuing the discussion from URLs in federated messages coming from Friendica:

I’m using the feature described at Automatically bumping old topics on a category - announcements - Discourse Meta on #tech-support.

What does it do?

IF there exists an non-closed , visible , non-archived , non category description and non-pinned topic that was bumped less than 24 hours ago.

It is precisely for scenarios like this, as this post I believe is done, or at least closable.

Let me know what folks think. :slight_smile:

Deffinitely makes sense for tech-support.

I agree by the way that thread can likely be closed.

I activated this on #quest-board, since I filled it up with a whole bunch of weirdness before I even told folks about it, and those will get auto-bumped and I find that hilariousfascinating!

But if it get too spammy, I’ll turn it off.

Any other categories to benefit from auto-bumping?

Not sure it makes sense for any threads that don’t have end states and I think those are the only two types we have that do, right? (Genuine question, as there could be facets of talkgroup ive forgotten or failed to realize.)

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I deactivated auto-bumping on #tech-support. We crushed it! Now there are just two tickets leap-frogging each other, but they are slow slow at their leisure slow. We don’t need to be reminded.

Keeping it on #quest-board as it is helping me clean up older quests, and we have a gazillion, mostly mine, so I imagine that most of those auto-bumps are not seen in general (unless I update it in response). That actually makes a lot of sense for what we are doing there, just a slow churn.

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I turned bumping on #meta. One post a day. I’ve just got a bunch of weird tasks or half-ideas to clean up, and this will do just that, over the next couple of months. :slight_smile:

Hey, in North America our Summer is coming to an end soon, and we’ll approach the dark times. I like cuddling with boozy hot liquids and having long, dumb discussions about stuff during such times. :slight_smile:

^^ This is the most meta #meta thing I’ve ever seen.