Avery Alder's games about your body

These all look really interesting but the one that particularly strikes me is “Good Bones,” designed for a player with depression.

She quoted a short passage from the game on Twitter:

Now that there is another consciousness inside you, you’re embarrassed about all the things it will learn. But your bones have been with you all along. They already know.

They already know about every time you struggled to get out of bed, every time you gave up on a task halfway through completing it. The bones know, and they care not. Bone sentience has no judgment, and it offers no guilt. Bone sentience seeks only to support, to remain strong, to offer and receive easement.

The first rite brought your bones to life. The next step forward in this path is more challenging: you must learn to ask them for help.

I’m really interested to hear about whether anyone buys these games and plays them, and your reaction.

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Oh my gawd, that sounds so compelling!

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