Bandcamp and Oakland and wishlists and music

I have a Bandcamp account. It tracked the music I bought over the years, and you can see that too.

Why am I doing this? I guess Bandcamp is not awful. I guess.

I haven’t heard much about them, the few artists I know that uses the platform seem to like it, and as a consumer they are pretty okay. So meh.

They are also opening a retail location in Oakland, downtown. To sell… music? I don’t know.

But I thought I do like a lot of music, and hi-def music, and Bandcamp provides, so it wouldn’t be a bad place to put a wishlist. So there is that. :slight_smile:


@cstanhope, fortunately, I haven’t gotten any messages from Bandcamp. But let’s give it a day. :slight_smile:

Thinking about the theme in Mozilla Firefox to Enable Hyperlink Ping Tracking By Default and how Bandcamp is a splinter in my mind; I don’t want artists to starve. It sucks this is the best system we have (in my ignorance?!).

I am 15 seconds into this album and I know you’ll enjoy it. (maybe)

Edit: Good lord track 11 is unstoppable.

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