Before sending a private message on talkgroup, read this!

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Heya folks! We’ve had great conversations lately. And I bet some of ya’ll want to send a quick, private message, or maybe have a breakout discussion over some point. Super cool.

Here’s the thing:

The context there is: you can’t delete those messages, only a maiki can. Because I’m the only admin.

So, what do we do? Well… keep it light. It isn’t private, I can read it. That’s no good. Instead get a #mage-party address and an #omemo compatible client. Then I can not read your private messages, but can still host ya.

What’s up with that? We thought you were cool, maiki!

I hear ya, I thought the same thing! But you don’t know what the future will bring. I do. This is not the platform for your secrets, they just get in the way.

Please discuss. :slight_smile:


In case that sent a panic down yer spine: good! I don’t read private messages, because I’m cool like that (and also your private messages are statistically boring). But we need everyone to know that is the case, and if we change it (such as using these forums to plot our devious plan in conspiring conversations), I want folks to have a sense of how the system works. :slight_smile: