Berkeley Parents Network

I joined the Berkeley Parents Network. I’ve heard great things about it, as well as finding info in their archives over the years when looking for random things (but they were always helpful).

I received the first message from BPN while in the office of our midwife. It was just an announcements message, but it seems really useful. I am looking forward to meeting other parents in the area, especially when Clover is old enough to hang out with other kids.

As an aside, I’ve been told that it is important to have friends with children. The logic goes that non-caregivers don’t have as much in common, once the mindshare is taken over by raising little helpless people.

The only friends I have with recently born children are not local. But I am not worried. Susan and I make friends easily, and we are both used to being around children, so connecting with others won’t be any trouble (once we know where they congregate).

Also, our tribe is very supportive. I kinda feel that a lot of people are having a child vicariously through us. I’ve had people come over and play with wooden train sets that they brought. So, maybe they are doing a lot of things vicariously through us. :slight_smile: