Best. Dream. Evar.

I had a series of amazingly high-definition dreams last night, but the cutest and most hardcore is probably he last one, which I will share with ya.

In it the world has been over run by a group of high powered mecha, a group of people employing Armored Cores. They maintain a prison for people, like myself, who are inclined to fight against their rule. They keep us in an maximum security… junk yard. The place stretches out in every direction for miles, and there are huge warehouses on the sides, atop which sit the mecha, many with appropriately sized sniper rifles. They constantly search for people building contraptions, which they then blow to pieces (and might even kill the people who built it).

Ours is a hopeless lot, until Doc Wall-E came to us. At least that is what I am naming em. E was just like normal Wall-E, except that e was infused with energy, and can levitate materials and build things like Doctor Manhattan! How e came upon these powers is beyond the scope of this narrative (I didn’t dream that part), but the important thing to know is that e doesn’t particularly care about our plight. E just needs to build mecha. From junk.

The problem is that as soon as e builds one it get destroyed. Becoming frustrated with this, Doc Wall-E begins to make a new kind of Armored Core, one which hides it energy signature, and won’t be spotted by the guards. E makes them look like the vehicles just laying around the junk yard: fire engines, sports cars, big rigs.

All us humans, we are starting to find them all around, and begin to piece together a plan to use them to get out of there, so we coordinate an offensive wherein we all activate our Cores at the same time, thus Transforming our pieces of art-junk into full mecha to fight for independence!

Needless to say, it was one of the best dreams, ever! To see Wall-E levitating engine block with eir little two finger hands and infusing them with energy to comments of “whoooaaaa” is a unique observation, and fighting Armored Core while piloting Transformers in a post-apocalyptic junk-yard, well, that just blows my mind! :slight_smile: