BigBlueButton - open source real time collaboration in the browser

I just used it with some friends for the first time today. I’ve never heard of it before. It works in the browser! Group video chat with tools!

Very fast feature overview based on my current experience: Video optional. Audio: a button to join just with listening, or to join with microphone access. Whiteboard! Public chat! Notes, that are different from the public chatroom, editable by everyone and with basic wysiwyg formatting! You do not have accounts, you just type your name. You can set your “status” to confused, happy, sad, applauding, a few others. Audio and video are clearer in this group than with meet.jitsi with the current people. I was able to join with video and listening audio on my phone (using mobile safari), but not microphone (might’ve been an issue with my earphone). I then switched to laptop.

Here are two organizations offering hosting service for BigBlueButton.

I’d host an instance for our homeschool community, but gosh it’s a hardware hog. Not sure I could front that on my own, so it requires some kind of group buy-in (love the idea of a coop, though).

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This is an overview of Greenlight, which is a UI on top of BigBlueButton that lets you create extra rooms, manage recordings, and invite people to chat. I don’t know what is Greenlight and what is BigBlueButton, but I wanted to drop the link here: Creating your own personal rooms with GreenLight - YouTube

Saw the link from here: The Online Meeting Co-operative … I was looking for more info about Get involved with! | The Online Meeting Co-operative

Maybe we can be operational members? And then use it for homeschooling?

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There is more to the equation for us: we don’t have the internet connection for it. Our homeschool coordinators are running classes over zoom, which is a no go for several reasons, but all other things being okay, we don’t have a reliable enough network connection to stream video.

It feels weird revealing this, but I’ve had to a lot lately; in my work everyone wants to do video chat, and I’m often the only voice user. Fortunately, I build websites known to be accessible, including folks with unstable net connections…

It does sound neat, but video chat isn’t a passion of mine, so joining as operational members doesn’t sound fun. :slight_smile: