binaural beats for sleep

i’m trying out binaural beats for falling asleep because my friend said that’s what she uses. you play a slightly different frequency in each ear, and the delta causes your brain to relax. supposedly. it’s best to use headphones for binaural beats, to get the most of the “different beats in each ear” effect, so i’m trying that but these earphones are kinda bulky and not great for sleep lol. my friend has a headband that is also earphones that are designed to be slept in, and said they’re not the best ever, but they work for her. i’m laughing at the idea of strapping even more things to my head. i guess i could try to rig soft earphone pads to my cpap machine mask face elastics. surely there is a market for headphones for your sleep mask.

there are a bunch of videos on youtube with millions of views that are 9 hours of binaural beats. they play music along with the tones and it sounds spacey.

on spotify, there is a playlist called simply “binaural beats sleep.” the tracks are pretty different–some are just a tone with slightly changing pulsing (or it seems to change over time, probably because the different timing of the beats makes that illusion), and some have spacey music, and some have birdsong.

You know what gets amazing acoustics and a built-in breathing/air filtration system?

Oh, start a #mediaclub topic with the Best Binaural Beats!

We use the app Wes suggested at White noise machine or files?, basically every night. Specifically the file for “white noise”.

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