Black History Month Library

This is a massive repository of pdfs of books. I don’t know anything about it or who compiled it besides somebody named “Charles” owns it in google drive. I came about it via a comment thread started by a facebook friend asking for african american history syllabi and someone said “i saw this on my feed.”

I want to make a quest to mirror all of the files somewhere not on google drive, but I have so many quests open.

Maybe I’ll take a cue from maiki and make sub-quests to look through all the folders, like the posts about awesome-lists.

I’ll start by typing out the folders. They are a mix of authors’ names and topics.

Aimé Césaire
Angela Davis
bell hooks
Black Communism/Marxism
Black Feminism/Womanism
Black Film Scripts
Black Music
BPP Newspapers
Cornel West
Curriculums/Study Guides
Donated by @JerryLeads
Donated by @theshrillest
Elijah Muhammad
Frantz Fanon
Frederick Douglass
General History of Africa Collection I-VIII
George Jackson
Harriet Tubman
Huey P. Newton
Ida B Wells
James Baldwin
John Henrik Clarke
Ku Klux Klan:Nazis
Malcolm X
Marcus Garvey
Martin Luther King Jr
Mumia Abu Jamal
Nat Turner
Nelson Mandela
Patrice Lumumba
Patricia Hill Collins
Police/Prisons/Mass Incarceration
Racist Cartoons
Robin DG Kelley
Rosa Parks
Steve Biko
The Black Panther Party
Toussaint L’overture
W.E.B Du Bois
Zora Neale Hurston

then there are a lot of pdfs and movies

Meta comment: Discourse helpfully showed me topics like this one, including A filerepository library / how to organize ? ! This is awesome because I want to indicate interest in what you started over there!

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