Book exchange / Barter / Bookswap Category Maybe?

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Hey. Id like to offer up some of my textbooks to anyone in Talkgroup who might want them. And this got me thinking. Ive been on forums before with categories or threads dedicated to trading books. Would there be interest in doing that sort of thing here? People could just list the books they have that they nolonger need, and the kinds of books they like and the people could make suggestions for trades. If it’s agreeable people just mail each other the respective books.

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Can we fit that into Borrowers ?

If not, let’s mod the plan, since I think the two are kinda weird, side by side, ne? We could tag a thing as such, but I believe it fits in there. :slight_smile:

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Oh how synchronous. Im just posting and looking at new threads from the past day randomly; and didn’t realize that had been proposed!

I like it.