Books from 1923, let's find the good stuff!

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That currently shows 10,958 results, all just entered into the public domain. Let’s find interesting artifacts!


Film Year Book 1922-23 (The 1922-23 Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures)

This is 1923’s IMDB, but with more ads, somehow!


“Standard oil spirit” : a discussion of the relationship between the personnel and management of the Standard Oil Company (California)

This has cool photos, and just think of There Will Be Blood while reading!

Teapot Dome scandal

Amazing copy! Order immediately! A++++!

Trees you can trust / Cumberland Nurseries ; E. B. Drake, prop.

Apparently, trees used to be total dicks.


To go along with your Film Year Book, here’s a collection of a film fan magazine called Picturegoer.


Colour and methods of colour reproduction, which is almost entirely in black and white except for a couple of plates like this beauty.


Probably more accessible elsewhere these days, but The meaning of relativity from lectures Einstein gave at Princeton.


Wow, that isn’t a bad magazine, layout-wise. I’ve read a lot of magazines, historically, long running publications, and then of course a bunch of gaming mags. It must have been awesome to be a cinemaphile in the 1920s. If, like, anything was good. I am dubious on the entire decade. :slight_smile:


Gotta say, the first thing I thought was, “damn, how did they do that without LaTeX?!” :slight_smile:


Yeah, I always marvel at early typesetting of math. It must’ve been so painstaking!