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I propose a new category for borrowing stuff, called #borrowers.

It would be a bit different, I’d like to assert some structure, use tags to sort and filter.

  • thing - a thing to be borrowed. The person responsible for the thing puts it up. Other peeps borrow it, either by asking about that thing, or whatever is normal where you live, and then someone makes note of it in the thread, too. Like, mega thread borrow history. And now we don’t have to own books anymore. :slight_smile:
  • requests, offers - for things that aren’t things. :cool: A way to put that energy out there, be more responsible with our stuff, and also provide a viable option for the distribution of goods, I guess. I mean, don’t we want stuff to be where its needed? Let’s build a conversational model for that!


Scenario: @judytuna has a volume of Yotsubato! originating from me, and e updates it is available.

  1. Someone knowing that could swing by there and pick it up, and update they did so.
  2. Someone doesn’t want everyone to know they read the finest manga, and they communicate with Judy or maiki, and whoever makes a ghost update for them, sets a topic timer to remind to retrack an item, and that was neat, huh?
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i love it!

what about bequeathing?

something like Circulation? not Sharing, that word’s been ruined.

Can you give me an example? I mean, I imagine the system supports that out of the box.

If I don’t want to be notified of a thing, but am the owner of the thing post, we close it and make a new one with whoever is gonna be the tracker. Everyone else can “mute” a thing.

I can also imagine taking thing out of circulation. Maybe I want a thing, or need to destroy it. What interesting conversations! I’d explain it. Or not. Then I’ll have to make my excuses the next time someone checks it out… :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of tool libraries.

I like the tag. Reminds me of the childrens book: The Borrowers - Wikipedia


Arrietty is a friend. :slight_smile:

If something I propose sounds like it’s from a children’s book, that’s a safe bet.



makerspaces are Lots, too. i like that we’re already building our own.


The category is live and empty at the moment: #borrowers. How will it work?! :slight_smile: