Burnout Paradise Motorcycles

PlayStation.Blog just posted that motorcycles will be added on September 18th. Yay!

I had some reservations going into Burnout Paradise. It doesn’t have the crash events from Burnout Revenge, and I was disappointed to the point where I almost took it back. I am glad I kept at it and played online.

The Freeburn Challenges are something that I had never imagined. Basically, they are a set of challenges that up to eight players do together. Some of them are based on locations, which is great because it brings everyone in the city to one place. Then there are individual versus coop challenges. So, one challenge would be for you to achieve a total of ten seconds of airtime, and the coop would have everyone combined achieve 120 seconds of airtime. Good stuff!

The one thing I am waiting for with the motorcycles, besides the day/night mode, is how they will deal with crashing. All the cars are empty, no passengers. It doesn’t detract from the game for me, but now we will have a person on the back, and that seems weird.

Anyhow, I was going to hold off from recommending this until it is on the PSN as a downloadable game. Now I suggest that one get it now and sell the disc later. :slight_smile: