By any other name

Before Clover was born, I decided I wanted to be called maiki. It would be cute, and I don’t really feel like a [parental pronoun]. I wasn’t going to push it, if Clover started calling me papa or something, I would go with that. But if I had the choice, I would be maiki.

Susan, however, didn’t over think it. Mama would be fine. Susan is as sure of being a mother as I am unsure of being a person (probably because she stays busy and I have too much time to think). Since babbies have the inclination to say mama(mamamamamamomammamuamamama) anyways, that worked out. Mama and maiki.

So you can imagine how funny it was this morning when Clover called out to us from eir crib, “Dada! Susan!”

Yep, that is my kid.

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