California ID

My license has been expired for a couple years, now. Twice someone brought it up, but since I rarely drink and I drive even less, having a license hardly comes up. Except a week and a half ago I had a phone interview, and realized I may need to travel for a follow-up. The next day I went and stood in line at the DMV.

Turns out I need to take the written test. I was received at 4:30, the cut-off for taking the test. Since if things work out I won't need a driver's license here, I asked about just an ID, which got an odd look (I suppose folks roughly twice my age are seemingly punished by "downgrading" to non-driver). I found out that the temporary ID isn't really that, as it doesn't have a birthdate or other identifying info; it is basically a receipt. However, a license gets a temporary piece of paper with enough info on it that hopefully I would be able to board a plane with it.

Since I would only have a temp license, but the ID would be sent in 2 - 4 weeks, I got both. More odd looks.

Less than a week later and I have been invited for an in-person interview. Sweating bullets. How much would it suck to get to the airport and not be able to fly?! Fortunately, I ran into the host on their way out from the Hub today, and they let me know I had mail... my ID arrived (just over a week later)!

It is ugly for multiple reasons. First, the new CA ID is just ugly, a weird medley of holograms and embossed lettering (my signature is raised plastic!). Presumably, it is to prevent anyone capable of copying it from doing so out of sense of aesthetic self-respect. Also, I had a sinus headache, so it is basically me trying to not look pained. My last two pics had me smiling ridiculously wide, with shiny barrettes in my hair. Meh.

But I feel very relieved. I can't hold a lot of things in my head and and function daily, so I just think ahead to the first roadblock, and with that out of the way, now I just have to be an honest person. I have a lot of practice with that. ^_^

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