cat log

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another important cat log: yesterday afternoon i sat on the floor in the living room and smallz sat on my lap! i pet him for a while.

he still bullies lucy away from wet food. smallz ate all the wet food in one bowl, tgen moved on to the othet bowl so i chased him out and did a weird dance where i kept him in the front room by standing in the doorway while lucy ate. first he looked really mad, like, his eyes weren’t round anymore, they were /. then he heard lucy eating and his eyes went round again and he started mewling at me piteously.


I have the Modkat Flip one and <3 it. This reminds me I need to buy more liners! It is totally worth it. I also definitely don’t have two litter boxes and think that is kind of silly. I use Modkat’s small litter mat plus a large Ikea entrance mat, and those trap the actual litter pieces pretty well, but the cats still track a lot of dust. Especially Cat because he’s an idiot and often gets dust all up his legs and over his face. I don’t know there’s much to do about Cat being an idiot. I used to have Modcat’s large litter mat, but Cat the idiot ripped it to shreds so then I had shreds of litter mat around the apartment. Also I might have to try this litter genie thing.

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Litter robot still chugging. I use the blue mats they have at pet food express, it doesnt do enough but my weird tile-shaped-and-grained-like-hardwood floor takes care of the rest quickly.

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Lately Mariah has taken to sitting on my mouse hand. she doesnt understand how funny that is. maybe I dont either

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Omg! Felix sits on my mouse hand, too. Even when I’m gaming lol. He doesn’t seem bothered :woman_shrugging:

@judytuna Felix also likes to conjure up a dust party in the litter box, when it’s clean or dirty. We have no idea why…

We have the little box facing the wall with a mat between the wall and the box. There’s a rug nearby (more for our shoes, since this is near the entrance). That’s helped contain it somewhat?

Also: day 1 of training my cat to like his harness. He. Hates. It. Hahaha. He’s very food motivated but he wouldn’t move at all.


Omg what a cutie. harness = true suffering


this is the mat we have: Litter Mat | Messy Mutts

It’s pretty small, but works pretty well. Cat hasn’t destroyed it as he did a previous mat…

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a few days ago, di applied flea medicine to both cats with no freakouts!

i changed the litter yesterday. ahh, fresh litter. we’re using pet food express’ brand. it’s the odor control one, unscented: Smart Litter Odor Control Formula Cat Litter - Pet Food Express Delivery we like it fine.

smallz likes to sit on my bed because it gets sun. he gets super startled when i move and he realizes i’m here. today he sniffed my hand before leaving in a huff.


@annietuna how’s the harness training going? i really want to do it with our cats too lol. our upstairs neighbors had a harness for their kitten when they first got her, though they’re both outdoor cats now.

both cats are curious about outside. they look at the door with huge eyes if they’re in the room while i open it. i want to get a screen door, but there’s a cute awning and it would block an outswing. i sort of want to get one of those “security doors” and just cut a slice off the top and leave it closed and tall people will just have to duck. lol.

i just learned about roll-up screen doors yesterday. i took a brochure. i don’t know if they’re good enough to keep cats inside. i sure hope our cats don’t figure out that they can just shred these puny screens i got for our windows. =P

my roommate in sf and i would talk about building a catio. lol. i think it was mostly a joke. but i’d love to have a catio out of this window by my bed. all i need is some chicken wire right? lol. i already have spiders crawling on me at night (i’ve seen them) so why not just embrace outside

how did felix destroy the other mats? shredding them?

do y’all cut your cats’ nails? we are going to but it seems so hard because ours are still so scared. lucy let di pet her yesterday though. progress!

Ugh, nail trimming. I do front paws when it becomes a problem, and usually back paws don’t become a problem. You saw Kat getting stuck on furniture, right? I got Cat the other day - he sleeps on the bathroom cabinet when I’m in there so I held him down and got one paw one time and then the other paw later. Still haven’t gotten Kat yet unfortunately. If they’re okay behaved, it’s best to wait until you find them sleeping and then hold them down in a nice way and hope they stay calm or tighten your grip accordingly. If they are very bad, which yours might be, you have to catch them in a towel and wrap them up tight and pull out paws one by one. Unhappy for everyone but better with one person to hold and one to trim.


Today was day 3! I’ve arbitrarily decided to put the harness on every other day while feeding him dry food. He’s very food-motivated and normally runs after his kibble (it doesn’t even have to be treats!)

He’s doing a lot better, but he will still lie down from time to time and refuse to move to get food that’s only a foot away. But thinking back to day 1 when he barely moved at all… it’s better.

Today was the annual vet visit, too, so I asked the vet if the harness was too tight. She demonstrated how you should be able to fit two fingers underneath comfortably. Currently, the part that goes around his stomach is tight. He actually hissed when she did that… shocking because he never hisses! Poor baby.

@judytuna want to try Come With Me Kitty™ Cat Harness & Bungee Leash ? Felix wiggled out of it before, but maybe you’ll have better luck? size L (too big?)

Yeaaaaah nail trimming. Folks say it helps to touch their paws while they’re relaxing in your lap so that they get used to it. I usually have to multi-stage it… one session, 3 claws, another one 2 more. I wrap him up in a blanket purr-ito (so named by my old roommates) so that his hind legs are covered and usually press his head away so he can’t bite. Oh, cats.

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I touch paws a lot and maybe that makes trimming better but it does not make trimming easy haha

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this afternoon, i got a second 15lb bag of litter (we accidentally got the smaller bag last week). poured it in. there are now 30lbs of litter in the box. luxurious! i also got nail scissors.

we tried to towel-wrap smallz. it was a complete failure. we’ll try again later =)


do you mean that you have an extra one that Felix doesn’t use? i wonder if L would be too big. they seem like medium-ish cats to me. i actually just looked at a come-with-me harness+bungee at pet food express today. just window shopping =)

what’s the harness you’re using now?

good luck with nails take 2!

mariah is enjoying the sun


i approve of this cat log entry. please append more cat logs.

spectacular whiskers. very majestic

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Yep, I got it years ago but only used it a few times. It’s somewhat adjustable? Do you know how much they weigh? Technically, you should use the “pet girth” (there’s an illustration on the page)

This is the new harness: Adventure Kitty Harness - Cat Harness and Leash - RC Pets

:unicorn: ADVENTURE KITTY :unicorn:

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how’s ADVENTURE KITTY doing?

we attempted to cut smallz’s nails again. got 1 paw. the 2nd time, got 0 paws. we think we will give up and go to a pet food express/vet thing for $20. i picked towel duty. it is very difficult. i am learning the neck thing, but it doesn’t last forever. we’ve spent a lot of time cajoling smallz to forgive us.

lucy is scratching up my comforter, so it’s leaking feathers everywhere. my mom got me this comfortor from price club like 15 years ago. i like it because it is red. i’ve repaired buranshe scratches before, by hand-sewing, but i am too impatient right now to sew the three new lucy scratches so i taped them with blue tape to stop the feathers from escaping. now lucy is scratching the couch i just moved in from an old roommate. yes, our apartment has THREE couches now. that’s more couches than people. apparently i love couches. and so does lucycat.

why doesn’t lucy use the really nice scratching post covered in jute?

litter genie is full. very full! very heavy. litter is doing well, not smelly.

every morning, i dump out the tray of fountain water into a plant outside. lol. these cats are the messiest.