cat log

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do you mean that you have an extra one that Felix doesn’t use? i wonder if L would be too big. they seem like medium-ish cats to me. i actually just looked at a come-with-me harness+bungee at pet food express today. just window shopping =)

what’s the harness you’re using now?

good luck with nails take 2!

mariah is enjoying the sun


i approve of this cat log entry. please append more cat logs.

spectacular whiskers. very majestic

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Yep, I got it years ago but only used it a few times. It’s somewhat adjustable? Do you know how much they weigh? Technically, you should use the “pet girth” (there’s an illustration on the page)

This is the new harness: Adventure Kitty Harness - Cat Harness and Leash - RC Pets

:unicorn: ADVENTURE KITTY :unicorn:

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how’s ADVENTURE KITTY doing?

we attempted to cut smallz’s nails again. got 1 paw. the 2nd time, got 0 paws. we think we will give up and go to a pet food express/vet thing for $20. i picked towel duty. it is very difficult. i am learning the neck thing, but it doesn’t last forever. we’ve spent a lot of time cajoling smallz to forgive us.

lucy is scratching up my comforter, so it’s leaking feathers everywhere. my mom got me this comfortor from price club like 15 years ago. i like it because it is red. i’ve repaired buranshe scratches before, by hand-sewing, but i am too impatient right now to sew the three new lucy scratches so i taped them with blue tape to stop the feathers from escaping. now lucy is scratching the couch i just moved in from an old roommate. yes, our apartment has THREE couches now. that’s more couches than people. apparently i love couches. and so does lucycat.

why doesn’t lucy use the really nice scratching post covered in jute?

litter genie is full. very full! very heavy. litter is doing well, not smelly.

every morning, i dump out the tray of fountain water into a plant outside. lol. these cats are the messiest.

Oh, cats. Is the scratching post next to the couch? Usually it has to be right next to the victim object to deter scratches. You could try putting catnip on it, or kinda scratching it yourself so the cat knows what it’s for? I’ve found the noise from me scratching makes Felix more inclined to scratch.

You could also try more cardboard scratchers… everywhere.

Good luck :vulcan_salute:

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First hairball of the season :frowning:

I was bad and hadn’t brushed Felix in awhile since it got cold for a few days. I have failed you, cat!

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Smallz threw up! he did it in a great place, at least, on the mat.

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Felix threw up on the entrance floor mat. I tried to redirect him to the floor, but he resettled on the mat. lolol

Pretty easy to clean but the floor would’ve been easier.

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Plastic bag ft. cat

Is it comfortable?


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your cat is silly!

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morning cats are morning

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wait, how often do you brush him?

operation “get cats to not be terrified of the cat carrier is underway!”

  1. :white_check_mark::white_check_mark: they are terrified of the carrier
  2. :white_check_mark::white_check_mark: open-top carrier with wet food, just a visit: lucy yes, smolz yes
  3. :white_check_mark: open carrier with cat bed, lounging for a good amount of time: lucy yes, smolz no
  4. :white_check_mark: open carrier without cat bed or treats
  5. :white_check_mark::white_check_mark: closed-top carrier with no door (so partially assembled), with treats, just a visit
  6. closed carrier, no door, cat bed, lounging
  7. closed carrier, door is left open, treats
  8. :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: closed carrier, door is left open, lounge
  9. closed carrier, approach the carrier, maybe touch the door with them inside, they don’t freak out

this is perhaps a windmill to joust at but we have lots of treats to give them and i am determined

when i give a cat a treat, it’s like i get a treat

crate success

smolz is like PLAY WITH ME IM BORED and lucy is like zzz


Habitica tells me I have harness trained Felix 19 times! Woot.

He’s comfortable enough in it that he cleans himself and even falls asleep wearing it.

Next step: cat walks?!?!


any cat walks yet @annietuna?

progress on cat carrier comforting:

photo: dimly lit and flash-on shot of smolz, a tuxedo cat, sphynxing on the plush white rug of a black amazon basics soft pet carrier, size large, with slitted eyes that reflect the flash.