CC Salon SF

Earlier in the evening I attended the CC Salon SF. I had a great time, and the subjects were interesting. Edit: you can see what I mean and watch it!

I get a kick of how candid some Creative Commons folks can be, in this case Joi Ito. He articulated the common sense behind the movement well. A recurring theme was the enforceability of the licenses. I kept thinking of the FSF, and their challenges. However, I think the difference between software and culture is that with culture it is very difficult, if at all possible, to obfuscate a transgression. We can all perceive the words, the images, the sounds. It can be fuzzy, no doubt, but culture also has built-in mechanisms for dealing with someone playing by different rules, and for better or worse, they do a good job of keeping folks in check.

Another thing that I heard repeated and felt validated by was the free culture stack. Joi used it as an ambiguous phrase to explain how we have specialists in this country, but in some other places there are a few people who fill in all the roles that allow for a free and open ecosystem. Off the top of my head I would say the major components of this stack would be: free and open software, open standards, and sharing (such as CC). The validation came in that I sometimes feel like I not specialized enough, and that I am unable to enact change in a meaningful way (besides being on hand to discuss how these components intersect). I am going to think on this, I think it would be worth my time and effort to see how I can help out somewhere that my skill sets and knowledge could help out.

I came away from there with a lot of information to digest, and I will try to get my thoughts together on here in the next few days. Also, PariSoMa did a decent job in their remodeling. Their pricing structure is changing as well, so that is pretty cool. I think that as both a coworking facility and a venue they are becoming more accessible. If I lived in the West Bay I would consider getting a key there.