I tried download this game, it looks like a dope FPS world-builder thing. But I can’t install it.

It is distributed as a ~4GB ISO, and a second ~2GB ISO for maps. They explain it in various places how that’s the only format that can hold so much info, but it seems pretty obvious they are burned out from answering questions and wanted to build their own game without being beholden to user experience.

At any rate, I can’t get any of the binaries to run, after mounting the 4GB ISO and copying it all over to my drive, requiring shared libraries to be tracked down.

Five years ago someone on the dev team mentioned:

It is so very hard to make cross distro/release linux binaries.

I’m not sure how that applies today, but this project doesn’t appear to get a lot of discussion, so who knows.

I’ve got to pass, I’ve no time to track down dependencies, I’ve moved on to easy to run games.