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If this were Quora you’d have to disclaim:

Disclaimer: I’m the founder and lead developer of TaskShare


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“Oh, this old thing?”


It’s true. It also needs some features to make it better, but for real we use it every day since 2014.

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omg this was awesome. i had no idea we were going to stumble onto a “this old thing” when i asked that. i’m like a plant, but on accident!

php! bootstrap! 2014!!!

our apprentices just waded through the creation of a todo app: curriculum/ at master · Techtonica/curriculum · GitHub

it didn’t go very well. we need to separate the project into more manageable chunks. by the end of the day, though, everyone could use Postman (the mac app) to generate a post request to their express server that was hitting their cloud db on elephantsql. ALL THE SERVICES

anyway i love that you made and continue to use your own shareable todo lists. thank you for sharing haha.


Judy is right, and I’m making a note to circle around to taskshare. That is the perfect self hosted app that we should be promoting, whenever folks ask about to do lists.


Thanks! Let me know when you circle to it, because it needs two small feature improvements + make it run in php7.2 (I only tested it in 5.6).