Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Viruses, and the Innate Immune System - Psychiatry Advisor


i don’t really understand yet. something about elongating mitochonrdia. oh wow, the viruses responsible for sars and covid-19 are also mentioned.


Herein, I lay out the proof for several important pieces of the CFS/ME puzzle.

  1. HHV6 and HSV1 and therefore likely the other neurotrophic herpes family viruses can invade the brain and replicate there, potentially spreading to many neurons

  2. HHV6 can integrate into the human genome

  3. HHV6 partial reactivation impairs mitochondrial function, including decreased ATP production and induces a pro-inflammatory state

  4. Serum from patients with CFS/ME carry the ability to impede mitochondrial function in naïve cells

  5. Serum from patients with CFS/ME may carry some factor that can impart protection from viral infection to naïve cells

  6. This protective factor raises exciting possibilities for a new approach to protection from COVID-19

  7. The protective factor can be developed into a diagnostic assay for CFS/ME giving the first definitive test for this much beleaguered and neglected disease.

  8. A definitive test is the first step to better research, more funding, and greater federal attention to CFS/ME, which affects an estimated 24 million worldwide33-35