Classical liberalism and comment subscription

Two quick notes.

I activated the Subscribe to Comments plugin. It does exactly what it says it does, and it pretty well made on the back end. I will definitely include this on Journal Cloud.

The other thing is classical liberalism.

Discuss. :slight_smile:

Classical liberalism is something I’m very much behind. To me it has a more of a old school conservative (just semantics) feel to it, except the citizen is central instead of business entities.

Do you think classical liberalism is significantly different from modern libertarian?

I am not entirely sure, I will have to look up info on modern libertarianism. This is something I am getting into, though, so I will probably be writing about it here.

I gotta tell ya though, I am pretty socialist when it comes to government spending. Sorta. I am all for cooperative helping each other. I am not sure that the way the government does it is the best way, though. One example that comes to mind is the way the government supports federal credit unions. That makes sense.

I am pretty much against war outside of the context of defense, though I can’t imagine what that scenario looks like.

Those are two things are tied together for me, because so much government spending is on the military, and that really skews the whole thing. I mean, imagine if we took that budget and put it towards health care or education…

I have socialist tendencies on certain things, like healthcare and education.

I liked Ron Paul because he was for pulling our military back from all our bases around the world, and making it strictly a defensive force. We could have also reduced it’s size greatly, and I thought that was smart. I concur that a lot of our military spending could be rerouted to education or healthcare.

I was even thinking of like ROTC, but for science. The govt would pay your entire school bill to become a doctor/physicist, whatever. But when you graduated you had to do R&D for a period of four years. It wouldn’t be for the Defense Dept or anything, just independent groups.

@tim, how are your political beliefs these days? :slight_smile:

For my part, I’m mostly working through the embarrassing ways I posted about political ideology in the past… but it is interesting to apply our younger ideas against our experience and this world.

Today I’d probably tag myself as adherent to social liberalism. I support cultural liberalism, noting in the US they become conflated, so lets double-down. As Emerson famously told Thoreau, “some follow the march of a different drummer, but I shall fly my freak flag high!”

I base my political views on science, most of all. We build systems, not beliefs. Our beliefs are inaccurate, but when we honestly seek answers to issues our “society” (read: ruling elite) proposes, we have solid answers that will fix them, but require political courage.

Personally, most people I’ve met are political cowards, and I suspect we were conditioned this way: don’t cause trouble, keep the wa. But that’s ignoring “pain” as a feedback mechanism. If you had a pain, but absolutely ignored it because it didn’t fit into your belief system, you’d die.