Clear is the best plastic

Clear is the best plastic! Portable game consoles, that Fx phone, landline phones from the 80s!


that is the BEST game boy! have you seen these switch mods? @sudocurse showed them to me

OH DANG i just found my firefox phone! it’s black and orange, alas.

this is super off topic… except it isn’t! because we’re talking about refilling our clear plastic items! with electronics! :face_with_monocle:

wait is that the reason i like this aesthetic so much? i’m simply an 80s baby? once for mother’s day in the early 2000s, i got my mom a rainbow maker. it had a solar panel on top and was made of clear plastic, so you could see the bright plastic gears inside. it had a swarovski crystal. when sunlight hit it, the crystal would turn, and rainbows would dance around the room. the suction cup holding it to the window failed many years ago, but then my mom suspended it with string.

i really have never been not this kind of dork. in a way it’s comforting, the level of the-same that i am.

My father’s swingline stapler.

I suspect its popularity has to do with Memphis design where peewee’s playhouse aesthetic got inspired.


I have a really great Memphis article, but its in one of these offline fancy magazines. I’ll have to track it down and digest some of the interesting points.

Super cool design for a stapler!