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So interuptful!

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m: Wow, day at the museum and home made pizza for dinner! I’m digging your childhood!

C (without pause): I’m pretty used to it.



Three fingers in front of a conversation means I have to spit.

it really gets her in the mood.
for sleeping!


You know when you pour beer in a glass, like from a can or a bottle, and the bubbles simmer for a while and then go up? That’s how the nasal spray just felt.


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I read the text and asked Clover if I ever talk like that…

Yeah, in museums and grocery stores!



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Language is funny.

C: Let’s look for pants for maiki.
m: I’m okay, I don’t need any clothes. Hmmm, do you know what it’s like to have enough of something?
C kinda nods.
m: Have you ever told someone, “no thank you, I’ve had enough”?
C: Not about clothes…
m: Ha! Okay, that makes sense. Well, that’s interesting, huh? You need clothes, and from my perspective I don’t need any clothes. Isn’t that cool?
C kinda shrugs.
m: Do you know why you need clothes?
C, without pause: To cover up your private parts.

Then I was just laughing too much.


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I ate your pears.


Continuing a conversation about servers:

m: I actually host servers in San Francisco.
C: I know, my friend visits there.
m: I don’t think so, they are kept in a big air conditioned warehouse.
C: Yeah, they visit there.
m: No, the servers are locked up in cages, so it isn’t easy to visit.
C: Wow, people must really hate servers.
m: :rofl:


Clover keeps running with the wind, which is a great feeling when not kiting.

So my brain thought: ha! We have a hack for this! Lick your finger and feel which side gets cool! Like moss on a tree for north, but wind direction!

Except… you don’t want to ask a first grader to lick their finger. It’s so gross! And also, apparently not apparent. C still doesn’t get it. Oh well.


Clover had a reading mentor named Mr. Jack, and e was a powerful force in Clover’s life for the last year. C got a goodie bag, and among the items were markers and a dry erase board.

Mr. Jack is a retired judge, and now spends eir time helping first graders learn to read. In other words, an excellent human.



Upon viewing a job advertisement on the bus…

C: Why would someone want to become a police worker?
m: I don’t know…



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