Clover and...!

Clover keeps running with the wind, which is a great feeling when not kiting.

So my brain thought: ha! We have a hack for this! Lick your finger and feel which side gets cool! Like moss on a tree for north, but wind direction!

Except… you don’t want to ask a first grader to lick their finger. It’s so gross! And also, apparently not apparent. C still doesn’t get it. Oh well.


Clover had a reading mentor named Mr. Jack, and e was a powerful force in Clover’s life for the last year. C got a goodie bag, and among the items were markers and a dry erase board.

Mr. Jack is a retired judge, and now spends eir time helping first graders learn to read. In other words, an excellent human.



Upon viewing a job advertisement on the bus…

C: Why would someone want to become a police worker?
m: I don’t know…



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Clover is having a Linnea and Monet phase.


Oh, I found an old file called, so I’ll be parsing that out over time. It means not all of them are contemporary. Here’s a great question:

Why can’t I shut my nose?


On that day’s fashion choices, including color-themed floral dress and stripy leggings plus GOLD!!! sneakers:

It’s very birthday-shoe-ish.

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I’ll preamble this but describing it as a very sincere and care-free tone that surprised me. We were riding the bus to school one day and…

C: I’ve never seen anyone die. I want to see that.
m: …
m: I don’t like talking about that.
C: I like to talk, to avoid things.

It began a very long and fascinating conversation that I couldn’t recall completely, but was interesting, ne?


I was showing a neighbor a pen (it happens a lot these days!) and mentioned the reason I use a subtle grid paper is because I like writing in different orientations, so lines are limiting, while a blank page doesn’t guide me enough and my writing becomes inconsistent and difficult to transcribe later.

Okay, next morning, Clover is sitting, um, “next” to me on the couch. Sometimes on me, sometimes on the couch, sometimes over there, sometimes just a single foot on the couch.

m: Clover, do you need this pillow to help you sit on the couch.
C: No, I need room. I’m like how you write on paper, but on couches.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I immediately knew what e meant, it’s so funny! Our minds map reality in interesting ways. :slight_smile:

I also don’t use lines/pillows.


Clover had been searching for this podcast about bees for a while. I can’t find it, but I know e is always looking.

C: maiki! I found my favorite podcast!
m: Oh, cool! Is it the one about bees?
C: Cancer!



Wow, Clover is going through a phase that I really love! Ran out here and said:

C: maiki, I know what my destiny is! I’m going to be a cancer researcher!
m’s jaw goes slack due to rapid heart swelling.
m: That’s awesome!
C: They say it’s hard, but I’m like, ‘I can do hard work!’

I think so, too! :slight_smile:


Walks out of bedroom from listening to podcasts…

C: What’s a buoy?
m: Not much, what’s a buoy with you?

Wakka wakka wakka! :nerd:

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We are searching for stuff in a book. Clover is reading the lists, and sometimes words are new or in a weird typeface. So, while reading a list of items to me…

Clover: “…and a cow holding a ball.”
maiki: :thinking:
m: A cow holding a ball? That says a clown.
C: Oh, ha! That makes so much more sense!
m: Does it though?
C: Yeah, why would a cow have a ball, maiki? :rofl:


I’m sorry to say, but I’m destroying you, pudding!

A witch may speak to a fox for up to 8 hours before it becomes paranoid.


Clover: Are teenagers allowed to cross the street by themselves?
maiki: Yes.
C: But they’re kids!
m: Mmm-hmmm.
C: What is a teenager?
m: :thinking:
m: Someone whose age ends in, “teen”.
C: :thinking:
C: What about the, “-ager”?


I really love us.

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Glad I brought my sunglasses!

Only kid on the park with shades… :sunglasses: