Clover has questions!

Continuing the discussion from Clover and…!:

Clover started asking some, um, pointed questions, and then was on a roll, so got into some things that are cathartic, so here we go. Um, live blog.

Why do you act so serious?

Haha! The examples were great. I didn’t answer exactly, but we determined if I acted more goofy it would be appreciated…

Why do you make me eat egg yolks?

Hmmm, I suppose 1/2 because I had to, and 1/2 to not waste food, to appreciate the energy system that went into creating it.

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Why do you order only simple things?

E meant food, or other things one orders in public. My answer: I like avoiding confrontation.

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Why do you know all the names of sake?

Um, I don’t. But the ones I do, its from practice. I practice reading the labels, but the bottles are quite heavy. So I empty them (responsibly!) and read the labels. :slight_smile: